Food Service

Temptee produces a wide variety of quality center of the plate products

Chief seasoning raw chicken sirloin with aromatic spices

These products are designed with value added consistency for the caterer, commissary, restaurant, institutional and time-conscious customer. Many are portion controlled.


We supply regional wholesalers, club stores and national grocery outlets.

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Our goal is to provide competitive pricing, excellent customer service and consistent, quality products.

Co-Packing / Private labeling

Our history has proven we have an excellent reputation for developing specialty products for your brand under your label. Temptee can also provide manufacturer specific ingredients

Woman chooses sausages in a vacuum package at the grocery store

Our processing facility is specifically designed to accommodate private labeling and custom formulations. Our capabilities include cooking, blending, grinding, dicing, slicing, vacuum packaging, portion control, post pasteurization, linking, stuffing, blast freezing, depositing, custom formulating and seasoning of beef, pork, chicken, eggs, vegetables and most proteins. We are USDA, FDA, and ORGANIC certified.