A bit of History and Our Philosophy

Temptee started in 1962 with an idea and the enthusiasm of one young entrepreneur and one product. The focus of this fledgling company, at that time, was the grocery market, and your Mom and Pop diner.

We have come a long way since our cute little chef left the scene.  In the early 70's we became the leader in roast beef excellence in the Denver Region. The focus had switched to Deli and Deli products, which seemed to be the newest edibles experience in the Denver Region.

Times changed again and beginning in the 80's, our customers were asking for more convenience. Our attention turned to products with more menu flexibility and a reliable convenience standard. This expanded the market more effectively into the Food Service Division.

During the early 90's the fast casual restaurants burst onto the scene. Fresh not frozen products became the theme. Steve Els from Chipotle gave us a visit and we became the protein supplier for the widely known Chipotle Mexican Food Restaurants, followed by Noodles and Company and Q'doba. They all had their unique individual recipes which we proudly accommodated. Phils Fresh Foods, most recently launched their Evol Burritos line, this time the emphasis is on natural and organic foods. We are proud to be one of the company's chosen to help grow their terrific brand.

Lots of things have changed since the doors first opened that day in February, but one thing has not. Our company philosophy has always been to treat our customers like we would like to be treated. So it is easy to provide the service our customers have come to expect. We take our responsibility to quality personally. Our family name, ethics and integrity are on the line each and every day. We wouldn't put anything in our products that we wouldn't be proud to serve on our own table.