Our Quality Assurance personnel provide detailed attention to every stage of our process, from production to delivery.  For you as a customer,  this means providing assurance of knowing who and what to trust as a manufacturer.  Our process and products consistently meet the high standards our customers come to expect.



Food Safety

Temptee has documented and detailed quality assurance procedures and is inspected daily under the rigerous guidelines of the USDA. 

We have been audited by some of the largest 3rd party auditors known in the food service industry, encompassing all aspects of Food Safety and Sanitation.

These audits qualify our manufacturing processes, which include, sanitation, metal detection, pest control, allergen control, and microbial testing. Our employees are trained with commitment to food safety, operating under the Good Manufacturing Processes.

Temptee is one of only a few food manufacturing plants that use the post pasteurization process for all of our pre-cooked meat and poultry products. This process completely eliminates the risk of e-coli, salmonella and listeria on ready to eat products. Along with an ultraclean precooked product, this process provides and extra benefit of a fresh 90 to 120 day shelf life.